This is How the Bakersfield Bail Bondsman Can Help You

If you need the services of a licensed bail bondsman in Bakersfield, look no further. We offer you professional bail bond services that is both trustworthy, reliable, and accessible.

Navigating the legal system is not an easy thing to do, particularly for one who is going through it for the first time, and may not be thinking as clearly as possible. Being charged with a criminal case is not the best time to be alone, which is why the Bakersfield bail bondsman are here to help.

Typically, when a defendant is charged with a criminal case, one of the first things that he is entitled to is bail. Even if he or she is not automatically granted bail, with the assistance of his counsel, he or she can seek a bail hearing in which they can argue their case either to be granted bail, or to have their bail amount reduced. The services of a lawyer are needed at this stage.

Once bail is granted, and defendant is working on being released from jail, this is when our services are required. Everything else considered, some form of monetary value is still required in order to answer for one’s bail. The difference is that we require a significantly lower amount – ten percent of the total bail amount, or whatever amount is required by statutory law, as well as sufficient collateral that would be answerable for the total bail amount if the defendant should default. Once complete, we will file a surety bond on the defendant’s behalf. This is usually considered by most courts to be sufficient to allow the defendant to be released from jail.

Even then, there are legal procedures and steps to be followed, and in this area, we can also provide our assistance and experience. With enough familiarity with the process to provide speed and efficiency, we can usually secure the defendant’s freedom in the soonest possible time.

Sometimes, a defendant’s bail has certain conditions in addition to their appearance during trial. These can include not leaving the state, not contacting certain persons, not taking drugs, and other similar conditions. These conditions are usually imposed by the courts depending on the defendant’s particular history.

Some may think they know about a criminal procedure based on watching television shows, but nothing can be farther from the truth. Actual criminal procedure also involves non-exciting things like paperwork and following up with the appropriate offices. A Bakersfield bond agency is here to help you with your bail needs.